DEV: your preferred partner

Economic Development – Canton of Vaud (DEV) plays a central role for foreign businesses. It is active in providing support for establishing companies in the broadest sense of the term.

Its role consists in providing entrepreneurs with guidance, free of charge, in all the steps they will have to undertake to set up business in Vaud and in their contact with administrative bodies. DEV offers foreign businesses its experience, expertise, and knowledge of the region and of the local economic context.

Set up guide

DEV’s services include: :

  • Supporting foreign companies in the evaluation of the canton of Vaud as a site for setting up business.
  • Guiding entrepreneurs in their choices when the time comes to define the best legal form of company to create. This service is wholly internally run and enables companies to get the maximum benefit from the different forms of aid that exist.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to find land, offices, premises, buildings, or apartments as quickly as possible and with the best market conditions, with the help of the necessary structures.
  • Steering businesses in their administrative procedures for issues linked to residence and work permits, in conjunction with the Employment Service (SDE) and the Population Service (SPOP), and obtaining public financial aid from the Office for Economic Affairs (SPEI).
  • Providing support for applications for tax exemptions, sureties, and loan interest relief. The purpose of this aid is primarily to create a link between the various public services, both on a municipal as well as on a cantonal and national level.
  • Providing support and expertise to entrepreneurs when they are drawing up business plans.
  • Putting entrepreneurs in contact with the right economic, academic, and industrial partners.
  • Making available its significant international network of references and contacts, on a political, administrative, and banking level. Over the years spent promoting the economy of the canton of Vaud, DEV has built up an unparalleled network throughout the world.
  • The information and guidance that DEV provides can also be of a more personal nature, such as finding appropriate housing, choosing schools for children, and discovering the wide range of cultural and sporting activities available in the canton.

Why invest in the canton of Vaud

At the crossroads of the world

The region has a glowing global reputation, in particular thanks to the various international events that are organized there.

Center of innovation

The canton of Vaud is a leading European hub in terms of technology and innovation, most notably in research and development.

Qualified workforce

Thanks to its education and professional training system, the canton of Vaud has an extensive workforce that is qualified and often multilingual.

Our success stories

Becton Dickinson

Generating annual revenue of over $16 billion, Becton Dickinson chose in 2016 to set up its European headquarters in the Canton of Vaud. The giant employs over 250 highly skilled people and is a leading player in Health Valley.


This US giant which specializes in network equipment has been based in Rolle since 2007. The group also has a development unit within the EPFL Innovation Park and is anticipating widespread digital disruption across all sectors of industry.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

A biopharmaceutical company which develops and markets solutions in the sectors of reproductive and maternal health, urology, gastroenterology, and endocrinology. It was originally founded in Sweden and set up business in the Vaud municipality of Saint-Prex in 2006.