Digital technologies

A reputation for excellence in digital transformation

Be it big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity, Switzerland is at the forefront of digital technologies. With its high-performance Internet infrastructures (its high-speed coverage is the best in Europe), the country is particularly well placed to take up the challenge of digital transformation.

The cloud computing market is growing all the time on a global scale, and the externalization of digital data storage provides a number of advantages to businesses. When their information is housed in data centers, they no longer have to invest in the maintenance and management of their own IT infrastructures.

Another plus point is that the size of data is unlimited, and every document, application, and software is accessible from any connected device – a real advantage given that more and more employees are now working remotely.
The canton of Vaud is home to the largest data center in Switzerland. It was inaugurated in the summer of 2017 in Gland by a company called Safe Host and features thousands of servers over a surface area of 14,400 m². The canton has several other companies that are active in the cloud computing sector, including SyselCloud which was founded in 1995 and is based in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, and Brainserve in Crissier.

Innovaud, en collaboration avec le Service de la promotion économique et du commerce (SPECo), a lancé en 2018 une nouvelle plateforme web dont l’objectif est de «cartographier» tous les acteurs de la transformation digitale basés dans le canton de Vaud. Les laboratoires de recherche, accélérateurs, start-up, PME et grandes entreprises qui innovent dans ce domaine en font d’ores et déjà partie. Le projet a vu le jour suite à une étude menée par le SPECo et Innovaud sur l’économie numérique vaudoise. La plateforme Vaud.Digital, gratuite, attend ceux qui n’y seraient pas encore répertoriés et qui innovent dans le domaine du digital.

The data protection sector has not been left behind, and with the research carried out at the EPFL, the canton of Vaud is also at the cutting edge of cybersecurity. At the end of 2017, the institute opened its Center for Digital Trust – a platform which brings together those involved in the research and the economic sides of the fight against cyber-hacking and the protection of privacy. No fewer than 24 research laboratories active in various fields are involved, as well as the CHUV, the International Red Cross Committee, and private companies such as Swisscom and Swiss Re.

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