Precision Engineering

To act big, first think small

The canton of Vaud has a long tradition of expertise in miniaturization and micro-mechanics, which is now being extended to around a dozen sectors of activity such as the manufacturing of industrial machinery and medical technologies. Research centers and businesses in Vaud also lead the way in robotics, aerospace, metrology, and drones. More traditional sectors such as watch manufacturing are not being left behind either. Timepieces made by Blancpain, Audemars Piguet, and Jaeger Lecoultre – all companies established in the canton – are today sold around the globe.

Swiss products enjoy a reputation for quality the world over, which means that "Swiss made" is a foundation on which activities and products with high added value can be developed, and many foreign businesses choose Switzerland and the canton of Vaud for this very reason.

The success of companies in the canton can be attributed in no small part to the presence of cutting-edge research institutes at the EPFL and the HEIG-VD. Partners willing to support businesses are positioning themselves specifically in this field, with a prime example being the Technopôle de Sainte-Croix, which is the national center of excellence in micro-soldering.

The canton of Vaud is investing heavily in highly innovative fields such as additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and industrial design, with the latter being a rapidly growing pole of innovation.

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Our success stories

Lamina Technologies

Lamina is a specialist in the production of tungsten carbide cutting tools which it delivers in the thousands to the medical, automotive, and aeronautics sectors. It was created in Yverdon-les-Bains in 2001 and is now considered to be one of the greatest success stories in Vaud in recent years.

News and events


Congratulations to Plumettaz, Schott and Le Maréchal

Plumettaz, Schott, Le Maréchal are the winners of the 6th Vaud Business Award. The State of Vaud, the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) and the Economic Development Canton of Vaud (DEV) reward these three companies that contribute to the local economy and impact beyond our region. Discover the movies of the prize winners and their partners.


RigiTech's first drone delivery route on the horizon

RigiTech is transforming logistics and supply chain with its new drone delivery technology which enables delivering packages over a distance of 80 kilometers. The Lausanne based startup has obtained a CHF 100’000 FIT tech seed loan to launch the first operation in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.



Launch of the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley

The Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley was launched today at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The initiative, led by the Canton of Vaud, EPFL, EHL and Nestlé, aims to address the key challenges of sustainable and high-quality food by attracting talent, start-ups and investments to Switzerland.


For a competitive Vaud tax system

According to the CVCI study, Vaud innovation occupies an enviable place in international rankings. On the other hand, personal taxation remains a major challenge. The Vaud people are at the top of the list of the Confederation's most heavily taxed taxpayers. This study, published every two years, is based on an objective inter-cantonal and international comparison. The aim is to show where the canton stands in terms of taxation, but also to shed light on how to ensure the canton's prosperity today and in the future.



Applied Machine Learning Days

Five days of talks, tutorials & workshops on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with top speakers from around the world. A networking cocktail, organised by the DEV and Innovaud, will take place on Tuesday 28th of January in Lausanne between 6 and 8 pm - on invitation only. For more information (limited places) :
Call for startups to meet their next hire, client or investor at AMLD 2020 (50 startups will be selected) ! More information on AMLD website.

Swiss Tech Convention Center (EPFL)